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Press Release

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Dr Kaffa Ilham Cardiologist Press Release

The comprehensive grasp of blood pressure dynamics, with a particular emphasis on systolic pressure, coupled with the understanding of antihypertensive drugs, forms an essential pillar in the effective management of hypertension. This Article aims to elucidate these vital aspects, fostering an environment conducive to enhanced cardiac health and overall well-being.

High blood pressure, or hypertension as it’s medically known, is a pervasive yet alarming health condition affecting countless individuals globally. Frequently deemed the ‘silent assassin’ due to its symptom-less nature, uncontrolled hypertension can precipitate grave health complications such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Recent research led by the University of Auckland, New Zealand has revealed a possible new target for therapeutic interventions in heart failure.

Today, we spotlight the groundbreaking journey of Dr. Ilham Kaffa, a Moroccan and Arab woman who has made her mark as the first female cardiologist of her descent in Athens, Greece. Since her notable completion of residency in 2019, Dr. Kaffa has been tirelessly carving out a new narrative in the medical sphere.

n observance of World Hypertension Day, leading cardiologists, including Dr. Ilham Kaffa , based in Athens, Greece, and representatives from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), are urging women globally to take their blood pressure seriously to prevent heart disease and stroke.

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